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Welcome to Julian Sykes Wildlife Holidays
Julian SykesI have been interested in nature and the natural world all my life and have had the good fortune to be able to combine my love of wildlife & my experience as a guide to develop these holidays for you. I started operating in Spain as a professional wildlife guide several years ago & since then I have developed an excellent reputation for 'value for money' holidays and short breaks always conducted with a high level of professionalism and good humour.

I have had the opportunity to continue to expand & now offer wildlife holidays & short breaks to most areas of Spain (including Iberian Lynx & Wolf watching) with a growing overseas portfolio including most of Europe, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, India, Costa Rica, Canada and Australia.

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Our Aim: To provide wildlife & birdwatching holidays that will be enjoyed by all levels of enthusiast from the beginner to the most target focused. The holidays & short breaks always look to strike a balance ensuring the ultimate feeling of an enjoyable and relaxing time. This can be achieved with our promise of maintaining a small group ratio, allowing everyone the special attention needed.

All our trips are run with customer focus with all members being fully informed and involved in the daily itinerary, with any necessary changes being highlighted to the group before being implemented. Even when birds are the primary focus we will always concentrate on all forms of wildlife including mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, amphibians and lizards. We will also endeavour to make all our tours as comfortable and relaxed as possible, with special attention to relating our knowledge and experience over the course of the trip.

We are developing holidays with “a non-birding” partner in mind so look out for the following logo NBW which means that there are optional activities & time to relax with a book.

For more details on how we achieve our aim, please see the testimonials at the end of each itinerary.







Wolverine 1

4th - 11th June 2016

This fairly intensive week is designed to give us the best opportunity for finding lots of owls and aguably two of the most sort-after predators in Northern Europe. With the help of our local guides we have a very good chance of locating these normally 'hard to find' species around their home territories.

During our time in Finland and with the exceptionally long days we will be making full use of the daylight (within reason!). We shall visit flooded forests looking specialist Arctic breeding waders, iconic passerines such as Red-flanked Bluetail, Greenish Warbler and Rustic Bunting. We shall also be visiting 'leks' of Black Grouse and Capercaillie hoping to see their incredible courtships as well as Hazelhen - the ultimate 'Taiga Forest' skulker!.

N.B. each year there are certain fluctuations in population size within these key species and no guarantees can be made of success for any particular species. However we are confident of success with most targets.

Our focus slightly changes now with our last few in the Kontiovaara region, hoping to see two of their great predators - Wolverine and European Brown Bear. Nights will be spent in excellent purpose-built hides where carrion has been specifically put out for them on a daily basis so these opportunistic hunters know where to find a tasty meal. During our three visits we have a very good chance of seeing and even photographing these sought-after mammals along with the possibility of European Elk, Red Fox and even Golden Eagle looking for an easy meal - you never know your luck!

European Flying Squirrel as frequent these vast forests but it depends year on year as to whether there are any reliable and accessible resting holes, which we can visit at dusk to see them leave on their nocturnal forays - this rare mammal is by no means guaranteed!

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