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Julian SykesJulian Sykes is the owner & founder of Julian Sykes Wildlife which he originally established 6 years ago as Oliva Rama Tours. A native Yorkshireman brought up with a naturalist father his family holidays (mostly on the Scilly Isles) meant he developed an early passion for seeing Western Palearctic wildlife.

In the 80´s he back-packed across Europe, through Yugoslavia and Greece, into Turkey, where he spent 2 months enjoying the wildlife. He then travelled to Israel for the next winter and spring working on a moshav and learning the birdlife of this diverse country. During this time he made several week tours of Egypt & Jordan again learning and enjoying the birds & wildlife of each unique area.

Once back in the 'real world' Julian enjoyed wildlife holidays to India, Sri Lanka, Arizona, California, Canada and Australia along with return visits to his 'spiritual home' - St Agnes, Isles of Scilly.

In 1998 he settled in Kinross with his family, cementing life long friendships with Ken Shaw, Andy Carroll & many other local birdwatchers, along with active involvement in the Fife Bird Club. In 2004 he then moved to Oliva, and 'lived the dream' as he started running birdwatching days out around the autonomous region of Valencia. He now leads tours to much of Iberia, the rest of Europe & Turkey, North Africa, India and North America. His friendly manner, enthusiasm and determination to find the species ensures a memorable holiday for his guests and has created opportunities to work independently for other UK wildlife tour companies (in his spare time!!).

When not guiding he frequently returns to Scotland keeping involved with wildlife by doing both land and boat-based bird surveys. Spain, however, continues to offer a great base for many of the holidays including the Iberian Lynx (almost a signature trip now!). Never still for long, he is often out with the "bins" even the beach at Oliva and the marshes at Pego offer opportunities for all sorts of species and also make for a good short break.

Most of the bookings for Julian, come from word of mouth and are based on the enthusiasm and commitment upon which all of his tours are based. We also truely believe that "Smaller Groups" lead to "Bigger Experiences"!

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