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Ken Shaw

Ken ShawKen D. Shaw, one of the most well-known members of the current British birdwatching scene. Ken (originally from Glasgow) worked for the RSPB for 28 years, being best known for his 10 years as Senior Site Manager at one of Scotland's main reserves Vane Farm.

After retirement he started working freelance on EU nature conservation projects in eastern Europe, keeping close ties to Latvia. He has served on both the BBRC and BOURC committees, and also held the prestigious position of bird recorder of North East Scotland for 6 years. Ken has travelled widely throughout the world and is a Western Palearctic specialist having seen nearly 700 species in the region, and has previously lead several trips to Eastern Europe & North Africa. He is a very experienced guide keeping the group entertained with many of his humorous anecdotes from his favourite pastime of 'finding rarities'.


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